Pillars of the Ancient

Meeting 9-10-16

The Temple of Ioun

Location: Roll20
Players: Elindil, Terrowin, Uridarai, Elros

In-Game Location: The Capital

The PCs relished in their victory over the dragon, then proceeded onwards through the pass, after a short rest. At the path’s end, they found a small doorway, leading to a room marked by a large statue of Ioun. After translating most of the inscription on its base, the PCs proceeded through a hidden doorway into the temple itself. There, they solved a puzzle left by Ioun’s priests, and retrieved the Archival Sphere from a revealed secret room, whereupon it branded itself to Terrowin’s hand. After picking up the sphere, a portal appeared in the ground, taking the party safely out of the Capital at last, to the top of a mountain just outside the city limits. Once they reached the ground, an apparition, with the form of the late Councillor Evrys appeared, telling the group "Ioun trusts you. Find his relics. Close the gate. And you will be rewarded with powers beyond mortal comprehension.” before vanishing.

Defeating a small vanguard of demonic soldiers, and narrowly avoiding the entire army once again, the PCs regrouped, and began to make plans to head towardsVoidbare, where they will return the guardbook to Rulf the Red.

Important Loot:
Terrowin and Elros: Dragon body parts
Terrowin: The Archival Sphere


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