Pillars of the Ancient

Meeting 9-15-16

Return to Voidbare

Location: Roll20
In-Game Location: Road and Voidbare
Players: Ser Marq, Terrowin, Malrus, Elros, Elendil, Uridarai

The PCs turned their attention to, after a short meeting with a travelling priestess, finishing their quest in Voidbare, and returning the guardbook to Rulf the Red, for a 1000 gp reward. Once there, they successfully negotiated to pick up another job, given in secret by Grunt Fistface: A rabble-rouser has been putting up propaganda signs, announcing that King Urin, the beloved dwarven ex-monarch who died in the collapse of The Capital, is still alive. The signs may seem harmless, but to Grunt, they are incubating a rebellion within the city, and he wants them taken care of. He also seemed to be rather nervous about this, perhaps suggesting there is more to this task than it may seem. Offered a large sum of gold for the culprit, dead, the PCs accepted gladly. In need of supplies, the party then visited the Iron Circle Supply, which seemed to be gathering weapons for an army. Unable to find any magic weapons, the PCs turned to a strange dwarven smith named Molvult, said to create “Devil’s Devices”.

Notable Loot:
Terrowin: +2 Holy Symbol of Avandra
Elros: 2 Throwing axes


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